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Route Accounting Software, Electronic Ordering Software and
Field Service Software

Overcome the challenges of today’s business environment with automation and efficiency.
Your business needs to operate efficiency, accurately and productively to stay competitive, but you may be facing roadblocks to get there. Outdated inventory management systems can mean data entry errors, lost data, and lack of visibility that leads to ordering errors and waste.
Electronic ordering software, route accounting software, and field service software are designed to solve these problems. They provide inventory transparency across your operations as well as deliveries in transit. This detailed visibility into the supply chain helps eliminate double ordering, overstocking, and understocking, and it allows you to schedule deliveries or field work based on product or material availability.

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Route Trakker is Cornerstone’s complete route accounting software solution for companies that need to automate and streamline business processes in route sales. Our state-of-the art route accounting software can run on a variety of portable computers that can run on Windows or Android operating systems. Our solution is WAN based so delivery information and invoices can be printed or emailed right at the customer site. Our route sales system is tested and proven and we have several industry leading corporations that are benefiting from increased sales and lower costs for their routes sales operations by using our Route Trakker solution.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with timely and accurate deliveries by providing the right customer order and location information to your route sales team.
  • Enhance the customer experience by setting appropriate expectations with customers through complete visibility into inventory availability.
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with fast access to customer order and order history information.
  • Enhance customer loyalty by performing on-the-spot surveys to gather real-time customer feedback
  • Improve delivery and route sales representatives’ productivity and satisfaction by eliminating manually intensive processes
  • Increase sales and delivery performance by reducing paper-based processes

This Field Service Software solution helps companies track Inventory, schedule routes, and provide real-time time data. Keep track of your warehouse and truck inventory at the same time with this advanced software solution.

  • Automatic invoice feature that captures signatures on the spot.
  • Place and receive orders at any time
  • Keep track of your trucks location and inventory
  • View customer history and see contact info, invoices, and much more.
  • Secure data encryption
  • Multiple pricing features to enhance order process.

Our Order tracker mobile order entry solution is used by leading grocery and fastener companies in the U.S. This electronic ordering system is easy to implement, with a typical return on investment in under one year.

  • Never write another order by hand.
  • Ship orders in hours, rather than days
  • Easy integration with back end host software.
  • View in progress & in transit orders.
  • View and edit backroom inventory to adjust order quantity.
  • View customer order history and key data elements.
  • Easy to navigate and has affordable portable terminals

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