Route Trakker Route Sales Handheld Application

Route Sales sofware application

Route Sales Teams:

Save Time, Save Money, and get Paid Faster

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Route Trakker: Route Sales Software

What is it?

Route Trakker: Route Sales Software is a complete delivery route sales software solution designed for Windows Mobile devices, that is suited for both small and large customers. The solution is priced in such a way that small companies of less than 10 routes can afford the solution equally as well as much larger customers. Cornerstone Technologies provides a complete and comprehensive mobile solution for Route Sales and Route Accounting applications, including Pre-Sale; Van Sale and Distribution.

This Route Sales application is Route Accounting Software that is very easy to use and train your workforce on due to the easy to read menus and screens.

From easy customer maintenance to inventory control, from invoicing to signature capture, Route Trakker is a state of the art Route Sales Solution.

In short Route Trakker helps your route sales team:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Get Paid Faster

(Pictured here is the
Motorola MC 70)

Route Sales sofware application
Signature capture screen shot
Your Sales Force

Your Sales Force is equipped with handheld computers or PDA's and communicates to the host or back office system through a dedicated communication server. Using Route Trakker enables sales and field representatives to receive timely and updated information needed to make decisions and close transactions effectively and efficiently.

The scheduling tools help them know where to go next to keep travel times down as well as lower their fuel costs. When they arrive they can either type in products or scan the barcodes of the items they are stocking, as they do the correct prices are automatically filled in accounting for all kinds of specialty pricing such as customer specific prices, volume discounts, volume group discounts, etc.

When they finish they can show the order details to the customer and have them sign an approve it, receive payment (if necessary or desired) and it will immediately let the office know about the invoice details and payment information.

The rep can than see the next location to visit.

Your Office Staff

Scheduling software Your office staff can see all the field activity for the day including route scheduling, customers visited, todays and historical sales, and restock requirements. All the field information is available to the office staff with a click of the mouse.  This is perfect for route sales and vending route sales needs.

Route Trakker allows sales and distribution personnel to gather, enter and share data at in the field or at the office, where it is the most convenient for the work to be done, thus increasing efficiency, improving productivity and making your company more profitable and competitive.

Route Sales sofware application
Screen shot of Signature on Server

Save money and Go Green

Route Trakker Route Sales application,Go Green Route Trakker Route Sales application,Go Green
Don't print invoices Email invoices instead

We have even eliminated the need for costly printers, ink, and paper, at many sites by allowing invoices to be either faxed and/or e-mailed immediately after the after the customer invoice is completed. By using the GPRS radios we can communicate back to our server and have an e-mail or fax sent within 1 minute of finalizing the invoice. Many customers have found this feature alone saves them $1500 TO $2000 per route per year. Plus of course less waste is good for the environment.

Besides saving money by emailing invoices instead of printing them our built in scheduling tools help keep fuel costs down as well as saving actual driving time, both of which are becoming more and more important.

By automating three core application areas - sales automation/order management, inventory management, and delivery confirmation - companies can recognize significant benefits including: li>Decrease of clerical, data, and invoicing errors
  • Reduction of communication costs
  • Additional sales through access to additional information
  • Shortened billing cycles
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Inventory, distribution, and shipping savings
  • Prevention of loss of revenue
  • Cost reductions from returns tracking

  • Popular Features and Benifits

    Below are some of the most popular features and benifits our route sales system offers. This is not a complete list, and remember, the Route Trakker Route Sales Software is fully customizable, which means ANYTHING your company needs it to do, it can be enhanced to do
    • Easy Mobile route management
    • Multi vehicle inventory verification and tracking
    • Get paid faster with Real-time Invoicing and payment processing
    • Returns and credits
    • Signature capture
    • Tiered, allowance pricing
    • Accurate billing to customer even with complex pricing structures
    • Always know how your team in the field is doing
    • Barcode scanning
    • Print to portable printers
    • Save money and get paid faster with Emailing/Faxing of invoices and report
    • Delivery report and tracking
    • Time and Labor Tracking
    • Automated notification of key data changes from the field
    • Savings on fuel costs and time spent driving with our Route Scheduling Tools
    • Data Security and Encryption
    • Many customers enjoy full Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 12 months

    The Technology

    Route Trakker runs on standard Microsoft Pocket PC or CE.NET operating systems. Route Trakker software includes a technologically innovative communications server that mediates between the back office system and the PDA's. The server can communicate with the mobile terminals in several ways including, direct connect, GPRS radios in the terminals, or via a Ethernet connection at there homes at the end of a day. Many customers utilize all three methods. The system incorporates most if not all functions needed by your sales force.

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    Route Sales Software Handheld Trakker program