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The Right Choice for Route Sales and Electronic Ordering Hardware
Cornerstone Technologies partners with industry leaders to provide our customers with state-of-the-art data collection and mobility devices
When you use our route sales and electronic ordering software in conjunction with enterprise data capture devices, productivity can skyrocket. We offer state-of-the-art data collection and mobility solutions to provide our customers with the most reliable, rugged, high-performance devices.

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Zebra TC51 and Zebra TC56

The Zebra TC51 and TC56 are more than just handheld devices; they connect your enterprise to an ecosystem of support, software and services designed to transform your business’ performance today and into the future. The The Zebra TC51 and Zebra TC56 handheld devices are both rugged and powerful. This powerful technology will help your workers reach peak productivity and keep your data secure. Customize this hardware with any of our three software solutions to accompany you business specifications.

Zebra TC8000

The Zebra TC8000 was designed to increase work productivity by 14%. The light weight handle and tilted screen is great for extended warehouse use. The touch screen interface helps limit the amount of interaction to complete required task. This unit is perfect for retail, manufacturing, and warehouse management.

Zebra TC70 and Zebra TC75

These rugged handheld computers perform reliably in tough enterprise and industrial environments. Users can choose Android or Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise operating systems, and 4G/LTE (TC75 only) and 802.11a/b/g/n keeps your team connected anywhere. The Zebra TC70 and Zebra TC75 devices also feature the most advanced scan engine with long-range data capture capability.

Nautiz X2

The Nautiz X2 is the ideal handheld for today’s mobile workforce. With enterprise-level capabilities, it can handle all your tasks – and your rough-and-tumble environments. Plus it the Nautiz X2 offers the portability, feel and sophistication of an Android smartphone. All this,this and it’s the best value in the market.

Nautiz X4

The Nautiz X4 is a rugged barcode scanner and rugged handheld combination that can help you get the efficiency gains you need. With its integrated scanner and IP65 design the Nautiz X4 thrives in your tough conditions. It’s packed with features, it’s compact and truly portable, and it offers a reliable computing solution for challenging work site environments.

Nautiz X8

The Nautiz X8 rugged handheld delivers the largest, most brilliant capacitive touchscreen in its class. This rugged PDA offers an unprecedented combination of processing power, connectivity and a tough IP67 ruggedness rating. The Nautiz X8 best ultra-rugged data collector available!

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