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Data collection & mobile solutions for today's world class business.

Electronic Ordering and Route Accounting Solutions that Accelerate Cash Flow

Cornerstone Technologies systems give you the visibility into your business you need to decrease waste and grow profits — and you’ll never write another order by hand.

Our electronic ordering and route accounting solutions for grocery, retail and route sales give your business a competitive edge. Cornerstone Technologies provides total solutions focused on accurate and granular inventory management, decreased waste, and a more productive workforce. Our solutions provide greater visibility into your operations that help you make intelligent, informed purchasing and scheduling decisions that get the greatest return on an investment of time and resources.

Electronic Ordering System

Your customers can scan items on shelves or in the stockroom to quickly determine the quantities they need to order.

Route Accounting System

Enables your drivers or sales reps to order and manage inventory for their customers with an accurate, automated system.

Field Service Software Solution

Helps companies track both warehouse and truck inventory, schedule routes, and provide real-time time data.

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Transportation & Logistics

Real-time data entry with barcode scanning technology optimizes your operations. Adding route accounting and delivery solutions eliminate errors and increase productivity. By optimizing their operations with our solutions, customers can gain an hour per day due to added efficiencies.


Barcode scanning and real-time data access lets you go paperless and upgrade from batch to real-time operations. Eliminate errors and automate receiving, picking, inventory control and shipping to gain efficiencies that usually adds up to substantial ROI in less than one year.


Maintain proper inventory levels, increase sales, and reduce returns and spoilage. Sales and order histories help you stock the right items, and back room inventory and in-transit order information help you order the right quantities. Electronic ordering with same-day order processing improves delivery time and accuracy.


Our inventory solutions assist you with inventory control and reordering. We can also help you track patient data more efficiently, reduce errors, and eliminate paperwork. Special portable computers designed for the healthcare industry ensure compatibility.